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Very disappointed in Bumper Cars building



  • Ellie Rose

    I agree Luckls but just fyi....this wasn't a new building so they don't have the Panda    We've gotten this same building in the past.      Good luck to you.

  • k9

    Well I certainly agree with the "sad trombone" meme b/c winning a lame prize is sad. But I can't help remembering that a gambling site (mock gambling site?) is going to throw clunkers at the players at times.

    A wheel of fortune has several such clunkers waiting for the unlucky player. What if the challenge line is one such wheel with a list of prizes, including clunkers, which show up each in their own turn? If so, then I'm not disappointed, I'm just gambling.

    Fortunately, all-in-all, this site is so much more favorable to the player than any casino.

  • Luck Is ALady

    TY, Ellie, for letting me know this isn't a new building.  I've only been here 256 days, so wasn't aware of it.

    To k9:  Yes, it's a gambling site, but the VIP rewards have nothing to do with gambling.  Everything is totally fixed and WYSIWYG.  Flowplay has a formula that they normally follow as to how the VIP rewards are structured, typically ending each month with a "big" prize.  So even though we got a great pet and two five clover charms as rewards, they deviated from the expectation, which was set by them, that the final prize is always "big".  This month it not only wasn't big, it was small in every sense of the word.  That's just WRONG!

  • Big E 2

    We also picked up an Eternal Rest Building (normally MS 68), and I think also the Horserace Championship Building (MS 62) along the way -- which I was excited for since I started the month at MS 57. Overall I think it was a decent month, except I never like waiting so long (9 days) for the 200% faster box opening. I wish that could be earned sooner.


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