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  • Official comment

    You don't need to be a VIP or be using charms to win a jackpot playing slots.

  • Brondie

    But, to win a progressive jackpot you need to be a VIP, right?

  • Dougaroo

    No that's not a requirement. You can win a progressive whether you are a VIP or not.

  • Brondie

    Then why does Cosmic Chaos say that only one Progressive Jackpot can be won per paid spin?  What does that mean? 

  • k9

    I means that if the Jackpot icons line up on on more than one payline only one payline will collect the progressive prize. 

    There are 50 paylines on every slot game here. To win the Progressive Jackpot we have to line up five jackpot symbols on one of those paylines. But what if we get six or more jackpot symbols scattered around and they just happen to line up on two or more paylines? The rule states that one payline will collect and any other properly lined up payline will be muted or abandoned or ignored or... 


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