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how do I earn Building Blocks



  • Tickle

    You can get them sometimes as prizes on the rewards road when completing challenges but they don't give many out there.

    The other way is to convert gems into building bucks. When you go to buy or upgrade a building and you don't have enough bucks the game will ask if you want to convert gems to make up the difference. 1 gem = 25,000 building bucks so the best buildings (which is all you should buy) will cost 1500 gems.

  • Hastings

    ok, thankyou, appreciate the feed back. :)

  • Nan23 and Karma

    I don"t know about converting gems anymore.., you now have to BUY building blocks, i dont have the option to trade gems anymore...anyone else notice this.

    I first noticed  this about a month ago.

    if thats the case, that really sucks!

  • Brondie

    I just checked and I can still trade gems.


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