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Jackpot Did Not Pay Out



  • fishonron

    You're not the first person this has happened to KOMC777.

    I think when someone wins a jackpot the auto spin should automatically stop.

  • KOMC777

    You are so right fishonron...they should be able to program that in. It is so aggravating to get lucky enough to hit one after all this time and not get paid. The only thing I am grateful for was it wasn't for billions. Notice how they have no answer. I bet billions in the sportsbook because it can't be manipulated. 

  • Samantha

    Were you able to get a screenshot of the payout?

  • KOMC777

    No, because it was on auto spin. How can you get a screen shot when on auto???? 

  • msnobody

    I won the jackpot in Vintage Circus that was 658,000+ but was only paid 102,000.  What's the point of winning if they are keeping a big chunk.  Jackpot is now 100,000.


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