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Change to party invites!



  • HD Biker1

    I like this also! This way I'm not surprised by a party I can't afford.

  • Villanelle n Eve

    Great idea!

  • skip641

    Like it alot. TY

  • Tickle

    While this is a welcome change it would be even better if the party name was shown rather than the description. The party name usually tells you if it's a regular party or a grab and go, also if there are any toss requirements.

  • JKay

    I agree. A great addition!

  • Jay V

    I agree with Tickle... party name would be a plus.  Some of my friends have deep pockets, and it makes me feel weird to show up and say, "Thanks for the invite, byeee!"  Because....I can't afford to be there.  That's a great move in the right direction!

  • Sco

    This happened a couple of weeks ago??? Wow! I love it! Because I turned off "invites" and  "friends can see me" when I cut back last month, I never saw this update. And yes, this needs BOTH title and description. Because of the limited number of characters that we can use, not everyone splits up their information the same way. You really need to see both the title and the description to decide if you want to attend a party or not. This is a GREAT improvement that just needs a small addition to be perfect! :-)


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