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8 hour boxes in city



  • MamaDuke n Brady

    While we are on the subject, why are we getting so many buildings (that will go into storage) as challenge rewards?

  • T n TX

    Plus those one clover charms we get from our city! ugh! I'd rather have party passes or gems. It would better than those cheap charms. 


  • MamaDuke n Brady

    So very funny! I love variety as much as the next guy, but please, please shower me with GEMS & PASSES!!!!!!


  • Night Guy

    They definitely are, 20 mins before midnight last night when I can get my 200% TB speedup I was offered a purple 8 hour flaming lightning. Actually didn't select it and picked a brown box. Right after midnight for the next TB, while I was doing my chachingo challenge to get my 200% TB speedup, the TB selection offered me a yellow 4 hour flaming lightning which I picked, what luck lol.

  • Charlie 0

    Mama, there are not that many commodities in the game. They probably rotate between them every month. Gems and passes always show up, so the rotating prizes are buildings, building bucks, avatar tokens and charms. That'd be my guess anyway. I mean how boring would it be if it was all gems all the time? /sarc


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