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  • k9

    I had the same problem with coin collecting but then I noticed a thing. I noticed that if I clicked, first, on the single oversized coin sitting near the Storage tab, all buildings would give their coins. Solved my problem.

    As to the "collect all prizes" box, when there is less than 10 prizes there won't be a "collect all" button. In this case I simply leave it alone and collect later when more than 10 become available.

    Also noticed that if I collect the Treasure Box ahead of the prizes the "collect all" button disappears. Doesn't seem to make sense but that's what I have seen.

  • JKay

    Thank you so much K9. This is a big help to me. Appreciate your input. 

  • Night Guy

    If you leave enough buildings in the storage and make sure there's enough to have a chance of at least one of them producing prizes then the prize will show up next to the "storage" tab. Click on that if you have less than 10 prizes. That will collect all prizes 9 or under.

  • JKay

    Thank you Night Guy. I appreciate your input. It was very helpful.


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