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Gift boxes from Evolve Monuments



  • TeePee49

    I agree. I think the gifts take a huge hit. Samantha said that we should receive the same amount of coins that we were receiving before creating a monument. I think that is right, but only if you already have the buildings to upgrade. After you run out, you need to purchase additional buildings to create monuments. Therefore, it is logical to see an increase in your coins from your city. However, what happens to all the gifts you would normally receive if you didn't create a monument. Receiving one gift for all the buildings that you have to trade in to upgrade hardly seems fair, especially if it is a small clover charm.

    I think most of the people who are creating monuments really do not have much use for small charms. If anything I think the only gifts the monuments should issue are party passes and gems. Someone who is a trillionaire (not me) doesn't need a 1- or 2-clover charm. That type of person is not dependent on charms to advance; they are already there.

    I got rid of my tier 12 and 13 buildings today which I purchased on the very first day they were offered. The only gift I received was 1 crystal skull. I already get those from Willies. For what those buildings cost, I think the gifts could have been better. I think that is what is going to happen with the monuments, too.

    In addition, I am receiving less from the Treasure Boxes than I did before using just Willies. I have tracked and compiled data of every Treasure Box that I have opened since last September and have stats from over 20,000 boxes, all four of them. Charms stay the same, mystic rubies and luckiest 7s, for every box but party passes and gems have decreased this month. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. Only time will tell.

    But I do like the idea of consolidation. Keep up the good work CW.

  • buffanshine

    yes Tee pee  if you have x number of buildings to make up a monument you should get x number of clover charms to make up for the new building, please set us straight Samantha.  thanks in advance for your explanation.

  • Clayton 1

    Why are some people getting Gems and passes from their Diamonds and i do good to get one charm a day, i want my willies back.


  • Michael B17

    I get passes and gems but its usually less then 10  one time I got 66 passes but thats rare


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