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Putting properties into monuments



  • Official comment

    Don't worry. The prizes that you earn are based on the total buildings that you own.

    But which building the prize actually pops out of is largely random.

    So even if the prize isn't coming out of a monument it's still generating the rewards that you get.

  • LRM216

    thanks so much to both of you for your responses!  Much appreciated.


  • Tickle

    I've found that the treasure boxes pay a lot more since I've built a bunch of monuments. The prize boxes don't pay as much but they were mostly crappy charms anyway. When the prize boxes pay passes/gems they seem to pay more now.


    Thank you Denise, Samantha and Night Guy!  I am proud to have you as friends!  I appreciate the info and insights you provide on the Monuments module. My question to CW is the following: Is there a way to generate or evolve a yellow lustrous XL, a yellow beaming UFO XL and a yellow hyper A.I. XL? ....Or are those XLs the special 'rare' XLs That CW writes about?


  • Samantha

    The yellow monuments are the rare color variation. There isn't a way to make them manually. You just have a chance of getting a rare monument when you're making one or evolving one. 


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