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  • Official comment

    No there are no "bots" on the site.  Everyone you see is another human.  It's just guests can have the same avatars and profiles as each other before people save them and fill them out.

  • Kaos

    Thanks for answering. I realize there are only so many avatars. What I'm talking about is they only play 1 game when you check the high scores so I thought they were humanless!!

  • Dougaroo

    There's a little high score table at the side of cha-chingo and I'm not sure how exactly it updates (you might see a score that a player posted a minute before you) but it is 100% other players. There are no bots or fake players anywhere in the game world.

    If you see somebody in game there's a human player behind them - although in the case you may not be seeing their score from that exact moment depending on how that board updates.


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