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Willie Buildings



  • Tickle

    The prizes from the larger buildings, Willies and higher, will tend to be better but the real difference is the treasure boxes. The larger (and higher quality) your city the more you get from each treasure box. In the beginning you'll only get a small amount of passes/gems and lower level charms but once you get several hundred large buildings you'll regularly get thousands of passes/gems and top tier charms. It's a snowball effect, the more you have the bigger the rewards which allows you to buy more buildings. It just takes time.

    As for your second question, it's the opposite. Buildings give more rewards in the beginning and go down in value over time. When people talk about a city maturing I think they are referring to growth rather than age.

  • Michael B17

    You can let them sit with coins on top for 3 days and they do get better the longer you wait


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