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  • k9

    Monuments cost nothing. The buildings which we merge to create monuments each have an original cost which earns us all a certain amount of coins and prizes. The monuments still payout the coins and prizes earned from those merged buildings. These cost free monuments were never promised as a new source of coins and prizes.

    I think the monuments are neat and they remove the clutter of so many stored buildings and do so without losing any of our city's revenue. And, they cost nothing.

  • Reckless 1

    The monument maker put itself on top of 2 buildings which I can no longer ccess or collect from & the monument icon cannot be.moved. Dumb!


  • Samantha

    GiGi1852, you can try zooming into your City, and you'll then be able to move the buildings away from the Monument Maker buttons.


    TY for the tip Samantha!


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