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Dragon Mahjong Challenge



  • MI5

    Equally as bad, I got through 3 games in a row, and CW disconnected me in the middle of the 4th game and it started the count all over again after I logged back in and went straight back to the challenge.  So, I actually had to play 9 to complete the challenge.

  • Jan3042

    I have been playing 3 to 4 games in a row, each time only to be kicked off the game.  It wants to reload!  This has happened 3 times this morning and another 2 times since I have returned home!


  • Jonette

    MI5 I was also worried about that happening to me as I have had a big problem with my screen freezing lately. This was not a good planning strategy for this game. 

  • Night Guy

    Try to play 100 games in a row for the achievement lol...

  • Lynnnnn

    I can not finish the Mahjong challenge.  The game kicks me out after the 3rd try. my system is up to date and this is the only problem I have encountered except for the occasional blue screen and disconnect.  I want to finish the challenge but, The game just won't let me.  I have tried several times and am tired of spending money and energy on this,  Please advise.

  • Samantha

    Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed this along to our teams. 

    Next, disconnection issues have already been addressed. We have two articles here:

    Connection Loss Suggestions 

    Loss of Connection Information 

    It has also been addressed here:

    Disconnected by CW 

    This is all that will be suggested on the Forum. If you would like direct assistance, you would need to submit a Help Ticket. 

  • SilverMoon

    Samantha what about JKay's suggestion for playing 6 games instead of 6 games in a row? Would eliminate some of the frustrations of trying to complete the challenge. Like she said....just a suggestion. Thank you

  • Samantha

    SilverMoon, this was passed along to our teams.


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