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Please fix my log-in banner counter & the poofing/freezing at parties issue



  • Official comment

    It sounds like for the days, you're counting days based on the eastern time zone (fair enough) while our servers are counting days based on Pacific time (simpler for us as people may move between time zones).

    As for people disconnecting, that's usually because may have unstable internet connections. It may feel related to chatting, but that'll be because when you chat you'll see any errors with your network connection (which might otherwise not be visible).

    On that front we are working on some new technology to help handle poor connections better than we currently do, so that short term issues in the network don't show up as visible problems.

    But that will take some time before it's out and even then it can't solve all of these problems. Ultimately we need data to flow successfully from your computer to ours and if that's not reliable the game won't be entirely reliable.

  • Love my husband

    Dougaroo I am so helpless wwhen it comes to the stress issue of being poofed at so many parties, I don't know what to do. I use to purchase extra gems but I force myself not to because I refuse to pay for something that does not work correctly. I really use to enjoy playing CW but now it is a fight to play and try not to get poofed. Your answer about Pacific time vs Eastern time is kind of confusing to me. I have lived in both times and have used computers that had to be able to tell the difference. Maybe you need to look at different programing?  I have recently been diagnosed with an illness and I don't know if I can kick it/ Dr told me less stress. I first stared playing CW thru PCH I never poofed not once so what happened?  No one will read this but I sure wish you guys would fix it because when I first played I had so much fun.


  • Love my husband

    It took me 15 min just to get on here to post this.  I get poofed at city. parties. games. everywhere on your site, just tonight i can not play anything because i am getting poofed 

  • Michael B17

    getting booted offline from the game having to reload to get back on

  • 01 LBB 4U

    Michael B17 are you seeing this (poofing) =( Getting booted ) problem more often than usual as well ... because It has gotten bad when i play!


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