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Charm values



  • Official comment

    How much a charm pays out on any given hand of cards or spin of a slot machine can vary quite a bit. It's based around the amount you won but there's a wide spread.

    However, the lifespan of a charm (how much it pays before it wears out) will vary but not by much for a given type of charm.

    Hope that helps clarify things a bit.

  • Tickle

    Thanks for the quick reply but it doesn't really address what I'm saying.

    The charms consistently paid out the same amount per hand over multiple hands. As long as you get a hit that triggers a maximum payout it is always the same (at that same point in time).

    Over the period of 1 day the total value of the charms changed multiple times, tested in 2 different games for accuracy. In the case of mushrooms it fluctuated by 30%.

    "However, the lifespan of a charm (how much it pays before it wears out) will vary but not by much for a given type of charm."
    Roughly how much should a charm vary?

  • Tickle

    For clarity, on the first test I loaded up a mushroom into Mystic Billions, it paid out the following.

    Total 2,793,939

    I then did 6 tests in Sparkplug poker with 20 charms each time. Wins varied from 1 pair to 3 of a kind but every time a set of 5 mushroom charms paid out 13,969,695 coins which is equal to 2,793,939 each, the exact same amount as Mystic Billions. This was repeated with a bat on the second test, same result.

  • Charlie 0

    Tickle, in previous conversations with Dougaroo, he has said that a charm pays out over a range of values. He did not divulge how wide any given charm's payout range might be, but I believe it to be static for that charm. At any rate, all this makes it very difficult to find the midpoint of that range. Hence, I've stopped measuring charm payouts. I think you've done all you can do by identifying Bats as having the best overall return. Yes, other charms can surpass Bats from time to time, but over the long haul, they remain the best bet.

    HoneyBadger, I believe that it does CW no good to expose the machinations of a game based on gambling. Dougaroo has opened up about as much as he dare. The element of chance must remain central to the game.

  • Dougaroo

    Just to be clear, bet size makes no difference to the payout rates in any of our games.

    Everything works the same no matter if you bet a little or a lot.

    However, I'm aware that some players may be totally convinced that they see differences. I just wanted to leave this here in case others are reading the forums and actually might believe there's a difference in payout rates when you bet more or less. There isn't.


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