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Evolve Monument and Prizes



  • ED the 2nd

    Samantha, please explain the monuments & evolve. It seems we are being short-changed on prizes compared to how many buildings we had to use to get a monument & evolve! It was portrayed as moving up for better prizes, not less.


  • BullDozier56

    The daily rewards in Dragon Majong are powerups. I don't think I have ever seen coins from the daily rewards. However, I have seen both coins and powerups from eggs that have hatched.

  • k9

    I'm pretty sure we were told from the beginning that monuments would not be increasing our prize awards. That all rewards would be the same as before. The buildings to be merged into monuments would still perform the same in monument form as they always did.

    The value of monuments were always said to be in clearing up the clutter of stored buildings and to give us a new thing so as to redesign our cities. This was done after multiple posted requests for something new for our cities. They listened and responded with these new monuments.

    We were never promised added prizes or value and, in fact, building and evolving monuments cost us nothing. We don't pay gems, coins, building bucks, nothing. And we don't lose anything.

    I think they're neat. I like the whole thing, all in all.

  • Samantha

    Which prize are you referring to? The green prize boxes that appear over your buildings or the Treasure Box?

  • Samantha

    It does matter, yes. 

    Specifically in the City, there's the Treasure box, the green prize boxes above your buildings, and there can be another reward that pops up for a sign in bonus. The rewards from these boxes are determined at random, but you can receive Charms, Party Passes, and Gems.

    The Season Challenge reward boxes are set up by our teams before each season begins. 

    There's also a Daily Reward in Dragon Mahjong. This generally contains Coins and Powerups.


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