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Avatar tokens



  • jimbobrae

    I kind of agree with Brondie

    Unless you're changing you avatar constantly the tokens are a lame bonus achievement

    We should be able to cash them for other things, maybe 2 for 1 gems, coins or charms

    Just my thoughts

  • Brondie

    Glenn, I said useless, not worthless.

  • Jay V

    Not every reward is what you want.  Weren't the 4000 party passes handy?  How about the new building?  If this game frustrates you by giving you free stuff, perhaps it isn't for you.  I'm not trying to belittle your concern, and would also like to say congrats on MS59!  In my experience, a new milestone will give you one or two good things... the other one is "meh."  The good things get better, and the other is usually "meh."  The good news...your next milestones will give gems, gems, gems gems, gems, gems and party passes (for life...the passes, not the gems) so, good rewards.  Also...there will be some avatar tokens in there!  I'm here to learn how bad I am at gambling...the bonuses are just that.

  • Brondie

    Gee you think I'm 10?  Who TH are you?


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