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  • Michael B17

    There is alot of people haven the same problem as you it's been going on forever with no results in sight

  • Saving Grace

    Same here when ever I hit big on a slot i get page reload. I can't seem to get ahead in this game anymore. Sick of being shafted by CW and I spend money to play this game. REally ticking me off 

  • Hughie1

    How about someone from CW doing something about the reload page problem. This has  been going on since yesterday.


  • Samantha

    This type of issue has already been addressed. We have two articles here:

    Connection Loss Suggestions 

    Loss of Connection Information 

    It has also been addressed here:

    Disconnected by CW 

    This is all that will be suggested on the Forum. If you would like direct assistance, you would need to submit a Help Ticket. 


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