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Negative Jumbo Jackpot



  • Charlie 0

    Glad I didn't "win". Oh and it took me 185 spins to earn free spins 3 times, per today's Monthly Challenge.

  • Samantha

    This is just a display issue. I checked Lucky 7's, and all the Jackpots are showing the correct totals. If you're still seeing a negative number, try refreshing Casino World to update the totals.

  • DiveDeep


    I submitted something on this quite a while back (Ticket #236612).  When the progressive Jackpot is showing a negative number, you can watch it's progression and instead of counting up, it is counting less negative and working it's way toward zero.  This leads me to believe that it is not the correct number, that it is in fact a Negative number and that as additional coins are added, it is moving the total number to a less negative number.

    I submitted screen shots in the Ticket, in sequential order so that CW could see the progression of coins in the jackpot.


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