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  • JKay

    MI5 and since they have waited so long to do anything about Milestones, I wonder how they will set the amounts to win since so many are trillionaires now. I'm not buying gems either. I won't give them another cent of my money until they prove to us that they are going to do what they say. My question is, why would it take so long to get Milestones going? My thought is they are not working on it at all.

  • Big E 2

    My question would be, if they add MS 71-80, would they push the free VIP for life up to MS80? I am half-way there as of yesterday ($225,176,643,657) and am on-pace to reach MS 70 by mid-December (just started playing this year). That would be completely disheartening to get there just to have it pushed back.

  • MI5

    JKay...I've asked this question several times.  Your pat answer will be "they're working on new milestones, but have no information on when they will be pushed out" or something similar to that.  It's only been 647 days (Nov 30, 2020) since last milestones were pushed out LOL.  A LOT of people have reached MS70 and beyond (lots of trillionaires now). Many of them are losing confidence that new milestones will EVER be pushed out and many of them are reacting by holding back, not buying gems, and just waiting.  At least that is what I'm hearing.

  • Michael B17

    I'm waiting I have over 1.1 M charms   Haven't seriously played anything but challenges since December when I hit M70.


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