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no free spins



  • MamaDuke n Brady

    When I saw the free spin challenge, I knew it was a complete waste of time, as it will never happen. What a disappointment CW. Free Spins are a ghost that you will never capture.


  • JKay

    I knew it would be waste of my time and coins, so I swapped it out. 

  • Michael B17

    Swap it out and you should get the "spin 1 million coins" in 1 spin challenge.

  • jimbobrae

    over 500 spins right now and still nothing.

    what a waste of coins even on a low wager, thanks a lot CW

    unfortunately I have no more swaps left so I keep on going or I don't get my challenge

    This has to be one of the worst slots on here

  • Charlie 0

    I cannot complain. Took over 1100 spins to get the two free spin sessions. (I have the achievements to prove it.) But...

    The first one netted over 152M coins and the second around 45M. That wild middle reel is why. No wonder free spins are so rare. No way I lost coins on that. YMMV.

  • Toni4

    I had over 500 spins and only got 1 free spin session. I was only playing 40000 coins/spin. I had to leave the game for awhile. I came back to try to get one more. Played 100,000 coins /spin and got the free spins on the second spin. Go figure. The last time I had a challenge involving free spins, it took me nearly a thousand spins.

  • Big E 2

    I got very lucky and finished that in about 150 spins, but at a low wager amount (I think 4000, usually I bet 500,000). 


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