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Tired of losing connection.



  • Official comment

    Sorry to hear you get disconnected a lot. This happens when the network between your computer and ours fails even for just a second.

    That could be happening in your house, at your ISP or between your ISP and our servers.

    While fixing a network problem is hard (these days many of them are brief issues with WiFi) the good news is we are soon going to try to change the game so it's less sensitive when the network has a problem. So hopefully you won't see as many of these disconnects.

    Those changes should be coming out in the next few weeks (we've been working on this problem for many months now).

    So help is hopefully on the way.

  • yvonne1057

    samr problem as nascarfan5 happens everyday all day long glad your working on it ty

  • DiveDeep

    Additional information for disconnects, although the message shown is one that shows up for me often, another one that shows up often is Disconnecting due to 60 Min Inactivity.  This error crops up even when I'm in the midst of playing a game or purchasing buildings in my city, not sure how CWs server construes that as "Inactivity"


  • Tickle

    I think they've done some major fixes on this. I turned on my VPN today and didn't get booted, normally that has been an instant boot when changing IP's.


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