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Just got 19k Party Passes



  • DinkiDoo

    You are welcome to donate a few hundred my way, I haven't been getting passes at all this month :(

  • iamsam

    CW has been a bit chintzy on party passes for the past few months.  Used to receive thousands in a month, last month I might've received 333, so far this month maybe 2.  I get 500 at the beginning of every month but not much else.  You can bet I won't be using any gems to purchase party passes.

    Any challenges that tell me I have to host/attend successful parties this month, won't be done.  

  • Michael B17

    i just got 4500 passes in a green box on the yellow crystal monument thing

  • DinkiDoo

    OH MS65! Only 5 more to go till Lifetime VIP! Go Charlie! Go Charlie! CONGRATS!


  • T n TX

    If you have to host & attend parties & you are low on passes, have a beer party. They are cheap.

    Yeah I know, I hate beer parties too.


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