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People bring more than $20,000 into Texas Hold 'Em



  • k9

    I've also seen this happen and it's seems strange. It's happened at the 2,000,000 coin table as well.

  • stardust

    I have seen this too!  Someone came to turbo 5 seat Texas Hold'Em with 17 million.  The most I can start with is 2 million.  I whispered them to ask how did they have 17 million after 3 hands and the person left and never responded.

  • Luck Is ALady

    That's so unfair, because I play in a private game and when we poof, we can't bring back in the chips we had won over the buy in (2M) when we poofed, and have to start over from scratch.

    I think if we leave the game due to technical difficulties or get poofed or frozen, we should be able to bring the full amount that we had previously when we return to the same table.  It's not fair that we should be penalized having to play with fewer coins when we come back, when we didn't leave of our own vollition.

  • Love my husband

    this happened to me and what it was i was playing texas hold em 2,000,000 and the game did not give me cards for 3 hands so i left and reloded game but cw did not give my coins when i left. the very next time i played my coins were added ontop of the 2 mill buy in so i started with over 5 mil,


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