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MONUMENTS seem to be a RIP OFF!



  • Love my husband

    i agree with you. 

  • Tickle

    I actually found that monuments gave me a nice boost, of course I built them a long time ago.

    All of the treasure box prizes (and I think regular prizes too) have been heavily reduced just recently though, I think it might just be bad timing. Just as you converted to monuments the devaluing of cities happened at the same time. Just a theory but the timing seems to fit.

  • Michael B17

    The Cosmic millenium crystals seem to be paying real good.  If I get a charm it is either the gold deck of cards, dr pearsons potion,  or red wine charm.  The passes are good to when they have them and so are the gems compared to other treasure boxes.  the worst are the party rooms they give the cheapest charms and stuff

  • RubADubDub

    I agree with the feeling of being ripped off by putting all your buildings into monuments.


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