How to win at CW and not pay a bunch of money. Play Jewels of Osiris
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"Win 2X your bet in one slot spin" not working
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Igloo building
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December's disappointing VIP Challenge Rewards
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Updated Charm/Coin Breakdown (Complete)
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Anyone Else getting this error message?
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I been in several games in the last few days and a lot are freezing up?
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Charm Parties
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How many folks are getting Dumped by the "Did You Know..." pop-up?
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Give us an option in forums to report Verbal abuse from other players
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Buildings in My City
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VIP Status
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A dog and a cat avatar?
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Feature a post Featured
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party room full??
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Ever have a problem with how to make a comment?
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Three card poker challenge
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PENDING APPROVAL notice for my comment here
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Lifetime Perks VIP for LIFE
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The Increasing Requirements Between Rewards
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Relics and Riches Challenge giving NO free spins :(
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Txt Being censored for simple word like c r a p
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Sea of Riches
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Silver Screen Bingo Monthly Challenge(Current Challenge)
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Osiris experiences problems due to CW
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