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  • Fringo Achievements

    In the Fringo room list it will show the number of players out of a possible 25 total. I believe that CW stated that the room list of players is divided between 3 islands but not necessarily having...

  • Consecutive login days

    For those that want to know. I reached 1100 consecutive days today (3 years 5 days) and received another cute robot charm worth about 164 million.

  • Omaha poker

    Just started playing Omaha Poker so therefore I may not be familiar with all the rules, but still doesn't a fullhouse beat a flush as shown below? I was not using the 2 kings but I had a four to go...

  • Coins Refunded

    How many times a month does CW refund coins that are lost due to connection issues?  

  • Sea of Riches

    It has been stated by CW that if you are disconnected while playing Sea of Riches you will still receive your prizes. However, this morning while playing the 2x prize payouts I lost the free spins ...

  • Lack of gems

    I used to get gems from my city and treasure boxes on a regular basis but since April 24 I have received a total of 8 gems. I did win 40 from Sea of Riches but it appears that Flowplay has been ins...

  • Texas Hold'em

    I would like the optional feature of being able to show my pocket cards in the event that everyone else folds. It can be useful when you are bluffing to let everyone see that you are indeed bluffin...

  • Buildings payout.

    Will the igloo which is a tier 10 building payout about the same as the tier 10 Willie Nelson buildings (Luck Church, Luck Stage, Opry House) if they are all purchased at the same time?

  • Texas Hold'em

    I think you should consider raising the limit of the "Blinds" to whatever you decide as right now when several people have multi billions a million or 2 buyin is a small drop in the bucket.

  • Texas hold'em

    Ok I give up. What exactly is CW looking for when it says win 3x your bet since you can bet on the flop, the turn, and the river?? Is it the total of all 3 bets? I have won one of two of the challe...