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  • reading posts

    after reading a post, it goes back to the beginning and you have to go through all the posts again instead of going back to where you left off so you  can read  the next post.  is there not some wa...

  • Gift boxes from Evolve Monuments

    I thought we were suppose to get equal charms from our evolve building that were put in to get the Beaming UFO monument.   WELL, i just opened my new Beaming UFO monument building and all that i go...

  • NEW party notice board!!

    Did i miss some posts or is everyone happy with the party notice board??  i find it very distracting trying to see what parties are going on for the day.  Way too much graphics and too many dark co...

  • more building bucks instead of avatar tokens

    can  you give us more  building  bucks  in our rewards instead of avatar tokens  or buildings that don't  give us very much,  i think some of the rewards  are not worth it.   just  saying

  • NON upgradable buildings given by Casino World???

    why do we get buildings from our challenges that we can not upgrade???  they dont  give any good charms,  and disappear sooo fast when you use them.  these buildings just take up space.  thanks for...

  • change avatars movements

    i had asked if you can change some of the male movements so they dont look so feminine, and you have not addressed this  request.  i dont want to have a avatar that looks stupid. i know it is just ...

  • lotto ball draw

    where did the lotto ball draw go,????      went to do it today and it is gone!!!

  • party room full??

    how come when a party room is full, they start a new party room, which usually sucks.. why don't they just leave it to 1 room???

  • my city -buildings


    is it better to buy new buildings from the building shop or to spend the coins to upgrade the ones that come up for upgrade? thanks for any help.

  • avatars

    when you buy an avatar, do you always have it or is it taken away at the end of the month or???   also do you keep the one you have also.  just asking as i don't know how they work.  also the pets ...